Welcome to my MADNESS

Listen alone

Colours that enhance life lived
A harlequins kiss split in two
Dreams that once hid in a lie
Come to life on the back of my hand

Taking a chance on a word
I turn my head to drink the rain
I though I'd learnt a lesson in another life
Thoughts intertwine in a single illicit passing of a nothing

Brief may be the illusion of dancing 
Kiss me before you fall 
I know if I pass on this day 
Summer won't wait till the dawn 

Succulent yet the trees bleed
Passing time in the way I breathe
Words that have another meaning
Disappearance of a soul in blackness

Twist a look into a smile hidden beneath
Your eyes dart seeking solace in the void
Skin blisters into a shadow of remorse
I dance alone as I have no partner



In silence I hear the world 
I close my eyes to allow the nothing to envelope me
Her soft fingers pass by my skin
The breath of passing
Calming my being

I still myself and breathe deep
Absorb her beauty and being
Giving myself completely
Her smile warms my soul
As it does everyday

Trusting her with my heart
Cocooned in ruby and gold
Allowing her to hold
That which is precious to me
That which is now hers




I am not you

You nor me

Two lives lived

Diverging pathways

Intertwined in separate lifetimes

Meeting as a glimpse in this

A passing in that


Cherished be this meeting of souls

For it be lost again

Until the next passing 

Not remembered in the last

But known as a feeling

A memory forgotten

Sensed on the drift of the stars

Only a memory


Cherish time spent as this will pass

Time erases yesterday

Hurt erases tomorrow

A cut on a slender wrist

Only reminds of what has been

Yet lingers as a gentle reminder 

Of the two who loved 




A heart wrapped slender in barbed desire

A trick of words spilt on wonton tongue

Half truths and denial litter sentences that mean nothing

Left to rot amongst the discarded souls


Little left for the eye to imagine 

A life lived in hateful shadows

Ruminates upon reliving again

Scars that envelope a hearts living


Breath for the self sustains only a single heartbeat

Little else grows in a life less filled with sun

Cut out and again in an breath of one

Hurt is filled in the one less loved


Growth is suppressed as a step is backwards

Into the shadow of the lightless sun

Actions that cut scarring new skin

I close my eyes wishing to cease seeing


Life lived in the colour of a skin


Proudly displaying a heart worn sleeve
From the sun that rises discovering a dream
A mask that is worn bleeds acid and tears
Splattered on canvas a breath is believed
A thousand faces peer from beneath
Blindfold draws out an Angels scream
Pierce these hand from thorns of green
A mumble of words unheard by those unspoken
Silence bleeds vermillion scratchings left on a wall
My name is said in the evenings ache
It's taken seven lifetimes for me to awake

A new path

Innocence stripped to the bone
Hounds circle smelling blood
Stench of an easy feed to taunting
Keeping their muzzles satiated
From the words that beckon derision

Two moons left to wain
A history of love and pain
Till one can weep no more
Casts it's shadow in the black that bleeds
No starlight to glimmer in a last refrain

Flames that cast no light
Never feeding the shadows that dance in the silence
Forever feeding the hounds that bay
And the others shallow lives living their own merger existence
Not even the jester laughs but mourns 

Healing touch to walk alone in the black
Seeking light emanating from a future yet to be
Hope lives in the air that's breathed
Love lies in a life rejected
A key is held by both who walk together



In the sweet arms

Im walking blind 

As I try to breathe

Live in your breath

Allowing me to understand

As I hold your hand


Nothing can stop the bleed

Emanating from the open wound

Distant memories

Clouded in shadows

Clouded in memories


I can only walk in the sun

If you allow tomorrows breath upon your hair

Knowing Ill be there in your shadow

Ready to catch the fall 

As it screams a new voice


Watch you plant a garden 

Watch the daffodils grow

Living in the new growth begun

Ready in this life

To begin again

In the sweet arms of a child

© 2014 Adrian AIDZ Giannini




Life remains the same

A Friday night 
As any other 
The souls drift on 
The tales told a thousand fold
Exaggerated for the listening few
Shadows lick the smoke stained walls
Stained with the memories of all who speak
Light turns to night 
Clientele the same
A thousand different collars
The stories all the same
I drift n smoke the shadows
On the same Friday nightly stem to the jukeboxes last refrain 
Chisels on the the last train
I smoke last 
Drink my last
Say goodbye again


Allow me to breathe
Allow thought to express free
Unconstrained by the memory beneath
Hidden from view
Closed behind doors locked tight

Rooms held dark 
Where I am yet to breathe
Allowing visions to swirl
In a myriad of unconstrained emotion
Painting thoughts in faces hidden in the depths

Eyes closed tight 
Shying from a tomorrow yet revealed
Lacking of colour in a sunset unborn
A pause
Revealing a soul tainted in pain
Obscured by black
Allow me to breathe
Without your pain


Covered in skin

In the sun I eat the dirt
Congealing on my hands
From the spit spewed from my mouth
Torn at the edges 
Ragged from the talons that clawed my flesh
Dripping vermillion 
Dripping disease 

This heart cannot kiss a wind
This heart cannot save it's own soul
If left to ruminate on words
Uttered in haste
Spoken in the shadow of a closed hand
Whispered in the retched bile of a sin

I have lost you now
This I know
For I see not a shadow
But a forlorn empty space
Covered in an outline of tomorrow
Covered in your blood
As I cover you in my skin

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